Print & Frame General Information

    • Photo Prints

My Photo Prints are produced on an Epson Printer. They are clear,
high-quality reproductions which faithfully replicate the brilliant colors of the original painting. The durability of a photo print is approximately 20 or more years. Like original art, it is important not to expose any print art to direct sunlight.

Each of my prints is packaged with an Acid-Free double-sided white backing board, inside of a crystal clear bag. They may also be rolled into a mailing tube. To prevent damage, it is important that you remove the print from the clear bag without allowing it to touch the sticky seal at the opening of the bag as this will ruin the print.

   • Giclee Prints

      What is a Giclee Print?

The term Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) was coined by Jack Duganne in 1991 to refer to the product of an ink spray (gicler, in French) process. Mr. Duganne and others were developing the methods for the preparation of high quality reproductions, and the use of the word was intended to distinguish fine art prints from other commercial printing processes.

A giclee begins with a high resolution digital file of the artwork. The image can be photographed or scanned directly. The image is then adjusted, using computer software, to insure that the color balance and tonality closely match the original. The giclee is prepared directly from the digital file.

Not all digital prints are Giclees. Only digital prints that are created using special high-resolution printers, archival inks which meet strict printmaking standards can be truly marketed as Giclee prints. These fine art reproductions are laboratory rated to provide several decades, if not a century or more, of lasting print quality.
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